Thursday, 15 June 2017

Custom Categories

These are configurable fields that can hold any additional information relating to your student’s. i.e. sports activities, awards, internet access, etc.

The setup is similar to markbook configuration where data types are first created (Category Value Setup) then applied to the relevant categories (Category Configuration). An example of this would be: .. create a Lookup Data Type of Yes/No, this could be then used on categories such as Internet Access Permission and Prefect. i.e. the data type is created once then applied to as many categories as needed.

The available data types are: Text, Number, Lookup, Comment (max 50 characters).

Custom Categories can be set up by staff with Enrolment Office User Responsibility. 
Admin>Setup>Category Setup.

NB. up to eight values can be applied to each category. Designated under the Maximum Value column.

Data Entry is by staff with Enrolment Officer responsibility. People>Student Details .. select student .. >Custom Categories. All staff can view Custom Category entries via Classes>Student Details>Custom Categories

There is also the option to show the Value 1 entry at the bottom of the Student Profile page. People>Student Details .. select student.

Data can be output via New Filterable Lists from the Student Details fields.