Thursday, 17 May 2018

Autumn Colours

The photographer in me has always enjoyed Autumn .. the change in colour palette, no day like the previous, and clouds racing each other wherever you look.

Autumn also brings a bundle of changes in Edge. First out the door are a number of additions to the Edge Mobile App:
  • Caregivers payments to the school via the app. Third party payment providers must be supported by the school.
  • You can now choose between the default email app, Microsoft Outlook and the Gmail client app for sending emails on an iPhone when tapping contact details.
  • Teachers can now view a list of all unmarked rolls on the Attendance screen, not just those for the current day.
  • Caregivers can view student attendance on the student timetable. This is colour-coded: green = present, orange = late, red = absent, blue = unmarked.
  • There is now a warning when overwriting attendance codes.
Following close behind will be additions to timetabling that will bring the full functionality down to year 1 for all school types .. then more features as the term progresses.

Edge Conference
With about three weeks until our first Edge Mini Conference, registrations continue to roll in, and it's definitely a case of the more the merrier.

Palmerston North           - June 7 & 8 Conference Centre, 354 Main St, Palmerston North
Auckland                        - June 14 & 15 Holiday Inn, 2 Ascot Rd, Mangere, Auckland
Dunedin                         - June 19 & 20 The Dunedin Centre, 1 Harrop St, Dunedin

As well as a range of workshops covering three streams, Administration, Management and Achievement, there will be time to network with other educational professionals from all the different types of schools who will be attending.

To encourage the attendance of a range of staff from each school we are offering a number of registration options: Pay for one attendee and another can attend for free. Pay for two attendees and three others can attend for free. Half price to attend for just one of the days.

If you are taking advantage of one of the above options, please make a note in the Special Conditions field when registering.

Click here to register

See you there.