Tuesday, 24 July 2018

A Wintery Start to Term 3

The year keeps rolling on with the term 2 break seemingly gone in a blink ... the holidays saw us release a few new Edge features however, both in the browser and on the mobile app.

In the browser we have added a My Classes Widget to give teachers easy access to their classes and we have also rejigged the My Class page by adding a new birthday icon and bringing the most often used columns such as Notes to the left .. even more happening with this in the next deploy as well.

A more subtle but very useful change is that once a class is selected either from the My Class Widget or from the left hand side of the My Class page, the focus remains on that class as you click between Attendance, Marbooks, Reports, Filterable Lists and Pastoral.

NB. Markbooks can now be directly accessed from the menu bar.

In the mobile app we have added the ability to attached a file to a note. Very useful for example if you want to take a photo of a students work as part of an Assessment Note.