Wednesday, 15 August 2018

A Fistful of Features

It's been a busy start to the term with a plethora of additions finding their way into Edge.

Below is an summary of what has been added. For more details please read our Release Notes

People>Define Groups
  • A Group can be flagged as an ESOL or Special Needs group. This will put either a blue globe icon for ESOL, or multicoloured hand icon for Special Needs, next to their name on the My Class list and in purple student banner
  • A Group can be flagged as a Truancy Risk. In Attendance, students flagged as a Truancy Risk will not be able to be marked using “Mark ALL Present”. They will need to be individually marked for attendance
Admin View - Markbooks added to the menu
  • Admin Users can go straight to Markbooks without first needing to go to Achievement page
  • There is now a new note type - Learning Support
Teacher View
  • Medical List and Print moved to the left hand side of the My Class Page
  • A birthday cake icon will now show next to the student name on the purple banner and on the My Class list
  • New feature in Bulk Discounts/Reversals so that when a user selects the billable item to display, it displays the affected students immediately without needing the extra click of the display button
  • Achievement>Markbooks
  • The X (full screen) option button in Achievement/Markbooks is now a button labelled “Full Screen”
  • Markbooks has only one column of setup making more space for data
 Teacher Mode
  • A new My Classes widget lists the teachers classes. Clicking a class keeps the focus on that class as different functions such as attendance are selected
  • A Markbooks button has been added to the button bar giving one click access to markbooks.
  • On the My Class page in Teacher mode, the order of columns has been rearranged to have medical info and notes immediately after the students name.
  • The order of icons in Teacher mode has been changed to have most used to least used going left to right
  • Clicking on the notes in the my class page will now show a list of notes
  • The functionality to mass email Students and Caregivers from the My Class page has been added
  • The Markbook configuration has been refined to allow teachers to configure what student data they want to see in a Markbook and then save this as a template