Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The Sprint to the Finish

Is it just me or does term 4 somehow seem to just flash by? It's already T4 W1 D3 .. next week is a short week .. for schools with Y11+, NCEA exams start not so very long after that (Nov 9). Not to mention After 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 OTJ's looming ...

Also in the Edge SM world report writing will begin not too far away so for those schools needing tweaks or otherwise to their Custom Reports contacting MUSAC Services ASAP to avoid a last minute rush is recommended. (services@musac.io).

Use of the Edge App by Staff, Students and Caregivers continues to ramp up very rapidly. The recent addition of Pastoral functionality to the app for staff to view and enter has been very well received and in practical terms means that from a teachers perspective nearly all regular day to day SMS work can be done on the app . .very convenient.

The number of schools moving across to Edge Library Manager from our own MLM and other library packages is keeping us nicely busy. With the only cost to move being a small amount of training, enquiries are coming through on a daily basis. For those of you who have not seen Edge LM this video will give you a good overview. Edge LM Overview Video

Quick Reminders

  • To speed up your enrolment data entry, use the Admin>Setup>School Settings page to pre-populate selected fields.
  • New Filterable lists can create tables of statistics as well as lists of students. Have a look at the ones created by MUSAC then make some of your own.
  • 2018 calendar - set this up now so it's all ready to go next year - Admin>Setup>Define School Calendar.
  • Need to know which caregiver belongs to a phone number you have? Use Quick Find in the right hand end of the purple banner to do this and much more.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Spring Break

The gusty winds and sweeping rain have both announced that Spring is here. At least the temperature is climbing nicely. With luck there will be some settled time on the holiday weeks where both staff and students can recharge for the run through to Christmas .. hang in there parents.

We here at MUSAC are still on deck so if you have a query or question give us a call .. 0800 600 159 .. or drop an email to .. support@musac.io .. Otherwise kick back and have a happy holiday.