Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Entering Staff Details in edge

In the light of recent events, it has become very important to keep details on students and staff up-to-date.

As important as student details, staff details are often left, or only minimal data is entered.  I encourage schools to enter as much detail on staff as they can.  Edge now has emergency contact details on each staff member. 

Where to go? – Click on People – Under Staff column, Click on View/Edit Staff. Select staff member. Enter all the details you have.

Once finished, you have the choice to export this to Excel or print to pdf.

As always, we are here to help you get the best out of edge software!

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Quick Tips for Adding Notes on your Smartphone 

by Bruce Graves

Most (if not all) Smartphones, have microphones and speech to text facility.
If you wish to add an:

  • Attendance Note
  • Assessment Note
  • Learning Note
  • Enrolment Note
  • Sensitive Note
  • Pastoral Note can go to the 'Note' field and your keyboard will appear. An image of a microphone will also show. Click on the microphone and you can dictate the contents of the note (up to 2,000 characters).

Please note that your speech to text is not always perfect (you may have to modify some 'mishears'), particularly with spellings of names. 

Don't forget to stop recording as it will continue to convert your speech, which could make for some 'interesting' notes.

I'm always learning new things. Yesterday, during one of our trainer meetings, Phil came up with a use for edge Mobile for office administrators...

If you are sighting birth certificate, court order, immunisation document, etc. you can take a photo of it on your phone and attach it to the relevant note. You will need to put something in the 'Note' field.

I liked this last idea so much I added it last minute to the Seminar notes for our upcoming Administrator Seminars starting next week. It isn't too late to register...

Monday, 28 January 2019

New Year New Features

Just in case you missed it .. we have deployed the following changes in January which should improve the user experience and reduce the clicks.

My Class Page

  • Added Age of Student
  • Added MOE6 Ethnicity
  • Able to click on Learning Support icon and get list of learning support notes

Student Details Page

  • Able to click medical icon and see list of medical notes
  • Able to click on Learning Support icon and get list of learning support notes
  • Able to click on all “bubbles” (Attendance, Pastoral and Notes) on the Student Enrolment Summary page and see the list, or in the case of attendance, the details as popups or in a new tab (Attendance)
  • Able to edit notes from the popup (if you have the rights)


  • Finance users can now reverse transactions from the student transaction summary page
  • New Aged Debtor Report ..The Aged Debtor Report can be generated as a CSV or PDF file from the Debtor List page. It shows Student Debt/Unallocated Credit categorised into columns:
  • Current (Debt/Credit in the past 30 days)
  • 30 Days (Debt/Credit between 31-60 days)
  • 60 Days (Debt/Credit between 61-91 days)
  • 90 Days (Debt/Credit from 91+ days)
  • Total

Monday, 21 January 2019

New Year .. New Digs ..

A slightly belated Happy New Year to all with 2019 seeing us here at Edge Learning in a newly fitted out office in Terrace End. Very different from our previous tree and lagoon bordered rooms on the old Massey College of Education campus. We now have a wide variety of other commercial entities dotted around us, very convenient in many respects, but I do miss the wide variety of bird song from our previous feathered neighbours.

For many schools students will return next week and our Support and Service teams have been been busy assisting school staff in getting ready for the start of a new year. 

Quick reminders:
- activate your calendar and add Event and Teacher Only Days.
- check your staff list, adding and end dating as required as well as configuring user rights.
- Edge automatically changes pre-enrols to Enrolled based on their Start Date Here field. Once new students have started update ENROL using the ENROL widget on the dashboard.
- If you know a pre-enrolled student is not going to turn up, and it is before their Start Date Here, delete them on the People>Pre-Enrolments page. If it's after their Start Date Here, change that date to the future then delete them on the People>Pre-Enrolments page.

If you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to contact Support on:
- 0800 600 159