Sunday, 14 October 2018

Not Far To Go

If I can remember back to my own teaching days, day one of term four often brought on a slight wry smile due to a variety of mixed thoughts ...

- it's the start of another term.. but there is a long holiday break at the end of it.

- for senior secondary students and their teachers there is about four weeks until external exams.. but nice to have a short week next week.

- the inevitable nervousness brought about by the practises for end of year shows and prize givings.. but they are always fine on the day.

Here at Edge Learning Solutions (aka..MUSAC) term four is a time for software refinements as well as preparing for the new year. However the very recent holiday break gave us a nice block of time to roll out a range of new functionality that we have been working on through term 3:

Edge SM

  • Online enrolments
  • School Data Sync
  • Custom Report data extract

see more details and the complete list here

Edge LM

  • Most Popular / Least Popular list is now available in Reports > Summary Reports > Popularity Report
  • Barcodes now print out to fit Avery L7158 (959062) or an Office Max Laser Label size 64.0 x 26.7mm, Stock Code 1950797, 30 labels per sheet.
  • Source, Price and Accession date fields have been added to the Accession Register, Advanced Item and Purchase Value Analysis
  • Able to Issue/ Reserve by barcode, username or Full name from the dashboard
  • Can now filter and export by Source and Non Fiction/ Fiction in Accession Register
  • Any item status other than current (and interloan) will ask if you want to make current when barcode is scanned for issuing, returning or stocktaking
  • When issuing Items that are currently issued will say do you want to return “book name” and then issue to New
  • Reserved item will now give message of who has reserved it when returned
  • When stocktaking an item that is issued it will automatically be returned
  • Export from Circulation now has item name etc.
  • Leavers with Overdues now list on the dashboard. Clicking on this link takes you to the leavers report to see who they are and what they have out 


  • Notes has had the character limit increased
  • Heading sorting now works in circulation
  • Search by borrower in Borrower History
  • E-platform update
  • Sound alert in stocktaking
  • Leavers and Deletes are handled better